Alan Ibrus

Software Developer

I'm a Full-Stack Software Developer from Estonia with 16+ years of professional experience. Since I was a kid, around 8 years old (at 1996), I found my way to programming from IRC channel and knew instantly that software is what I want to do. In 2002, at age 15, I created an social network site which I then sold a year later. This also helped me later to get my first job as a Software Developer. For last 12 years my main course has been Node.JS / JavaScript and I tend to have more fun in the back-end rather than in front-end. However, front-end stack nowadays is really fun and I do keep myself up-to-date with Vue and React. In the end, I get excited about pretty much anything that is tech related and I enjoy working with all kinds of robotics, IoT and smart-home solutions, which means, from time-to-time I deal with complete hardware-software projects and use different technologies and languages to sharpen my mind and keep teaching myself.

Check out my blog where, usually, when the time and mood is right, I write more about my projects and other tech related stuff.

Work Experience

Lead Site Reliability Engineer

at Jobbatical OÜ, June 2022 - Present

Ongoing journey

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

at, May 2021 - June 2022 (1y)

Full-Stack Software Developer

at Jobbatical OÜ, March 2016 - May 2021 (5y)

Another Full-Stack journey for this awesome start-up with badass tech stack and tech challenges. As an early bird in the software team, I went through many different software lifecycles and many different development methods. Had the possibility to help the team to make stack decisions for each version we built. Very wide range in experiences used and gained, Node.JS, AWS, GCS, Kubernetes, CI, React, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Auth0, GraphQL, ... and web security.

Senior Software Developer

at Cleveron AS, March 2010 - March 2016 (6y)

Full-Stack journey, mostly JavaScript related but including software engineering. I introduced Node.JS and built critical data exchange server based on that on my first months. Improved many existing components to perform faster, scale better and be easier to maintain. Gained skills in Software Engineering field and experiences with server-side software, self service kiosk software (both frontend/backend) and controlling different hardware - servos, controllers, sensors. I was rewarded with an golden star (an highest inside company reward) for introducing and developing lower cost hardware to be used in future projects. Whilst being an Senior Developer, I was involved in recruiting and interviewing new developers and were leading a software development team. Worked on all layers: Server, backend, frontend, mobile, hardware.

Software Developer

at Southbend Techproducts Inc, April 2007 - February 2010 (3y)

Back then, PHP/MySQL combo was in fashion (oh, those dark times). Helped to develop a social network site.

Software Developer

as Freelancer, since 2004 - April 2007 (3y)

Like most of us on this field, started as a freelance developer.

Skills & Keywords

Well, I love everything when it comes to technology, but here is the list where I currently put my focus on:

  • JavaScript, Node.JS
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, GraphQL
  • React, Vue.js, Electron
  • GIT
  • Linux (servers & as a long time user)
  • Real-time video/audio streaming (GStreamer, WebRTC)
  • Data-Exchange services
  • Integrations / APIs
  • IoT, Raspberry PI, NodeMCU/ESP8266, Arduino
  • Robotics
  • Kiosks and self-service terminals